We offer our clients a working partnership to assess your needs and assist you to determine the best strategy for buying. We are all full-time agents who have an unrivaled command of the local market. We work for you from consultation through settlement and beyond.


Provide you with a free consultation to get a clear picture of your ideal home.
We work to ensure you are aware of the best properties available in your desired area, price range, and location; we can also suggest other neighborhoods that you may have overlooked but might want to consider. We provide you with sound advice by assessing what’s happening in today’s market and taking into account future forecasts, as well as your preferred timeframe and needs. Click here to contact us about a consultation.

Help you choose an experienced lender.
We can recommend several experienced lenders who can pre-approve you and determine the best financing plan for you. Local lenders are preferable because loan officers and staff are accessible to you days, evenings and weekends. We know that lenders who collect documentation upfront, process and underwrite loans in-house, and use knowledgeable area appraisers will have your loan package delivered and ready in advance of your settlement date. Your choice of lender will play a role when sellers and listing agents consider your offer; we’ll offer you guidance so you can make the best decision.

Offer on-going updates of properties in your target neighborhoods, schedule showing appointments and assist you to compare homes.
We all live locally. We are area experts and well connected in our communities. We can plug you in to local resources for hot topics like schools, transportation, parks, entertainment, dining and more. We offer you flexibility to tour homes when you are available. We are also in constant communication with agents in your target neighborhoods and often learn of new listings before they hit the market.

Advise you on offer terms, prepare an offer and negotiate on your behalf.
We offer you negotiating strength. We are seasoned full-time agents who understand the contract and how to negotiate both price and advantageous terms. We advise you and strategize with you to prepare a strong offer. We minimize your risk by explaining the contract terms, all required deadlines, and the handling of your Earnest Money Deposit (EMD). Writing and negotiating an offer is complex; our experience, knowledge and transaction volume means we can offer you expert advice. GBT agents are well-known, well respected, and have collegial relationships with area Realtors. We are successful negotiators; we are also honest, fair and ethical in all we do.

Advise you on vendor selections and coordinate services.
We will attend your home inspection with you and negotiate any repairs or credits. We can recommend vendors including home, termite and radon inspectors as well as licensed contractors, plumbers and electricians if necessary. We can also assist with scheduling and meeting vendors as needed.

Coordinate preparation for settlement and complete the transaction.
We provide you with a contract timeline so you understand what needs to be completed and when; we will remind you of deadlines in advance so you can meet your contract responsibilities along the way. We have a full-time administrator with eight years of experience, who will work with your GBT agent to seamlessly coordinate completing contract paperwork, meeting contract deadlines and preparing for settlement. We will communicate with your lender to ensure your loan package is delivered and with the title company to ensure closing documents are prepared. We will schedule and accompany you for your final property walkthrough. We will review the Settlement Statement with you prior to settlement and attend settlement with you.

Serve as an on-going resource.
We are happy to serve as an on-going resource for you. We can recommend contractors and are available for future consults if you are considering home improvements or renovations, preparing for a refinance appraisal or when you are ready to sell and/or buy again.