We offer our clients a working partnership to assess your needs and assist you to determine the best strategy for selling and moving. We are full-time agents who have an unrivaled command of the local market. We work for you from consultation through settlement and beyond.


Provide you with a free consultation to help you decide if you are ready to sell.
If you are ready to sell, we can discuss next steps; if you are unsure, we will assist you in weighing options. This can include discussing the pros and cons of selling now, staying and renovating, not moving until the value of the home rises to an acceptable level or leasing the property. We provide you with sound advice as well as a complete marketing strategy; we assess what’s happening in today’s market and take into account future forecasts, as well as your preferred timeframe and needs. We discuss the current market for your home and financial trade-offs for your situation, while also considering your motivation to move. We can refer you to financial and legal professionals as needed. Click here to contact us about a consultation.

Assist you to prepare your home and advise on repairs, improvements or staging.
We know what homebuyers are looking for and how to best prep your home for the market. Ninety percent of homebuyers use the internet in their search. This means that how your home is presented on-line and the quality of the photographs are critical. We conduct a room-by-room assessment, recommending how to showcase your property. We can recommend trusted vendors and if you like, help coordinate your to-do list. We also offer free staging services if desired; our complimentary service includes furniture, décor and labor. Lastly, we can refer you to professional movers and a local storage facility both of which offer our clients reduced rates; if you need help paring down, this can be invaluable.

Develop a marketing plan and establish a marketing timetable.
We design and execute our proven marketing plan for you. Your listing agent will make sure your house is photo ready. Then, our full-time marketing professional will take expert photos of your home; this provides you with high-quality photos and flexibility, planning around weather or changes in your schedule. We will coordinate a complimentary floor plan drawing and a list of home improvements that will help demonstrate value to a buyer. Your home will have a substantial internet presence and be featured in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Go Brent Team website as well as Keller Williams, Zillow, Trulia, and all area brokerages. Marketing materials are professionally designed and professionally printed. Full color, heavyweight brochures are offered to prospective buyers both inside and outside the house. Quality exterior fact sheets are rare but we understand the importance of providing a high-quality brochure to buyers that drive by the house. Once on the market, your agent will provide you with regular feedback regarding showings as well as discuss open house options with you; a GBT member guaranteed to be an area expert will always represent your home at an open. Lastly, a personalized report will be emailed to you weekly with useful web stats and local real estate activity.

Evaluate offers, negotiate counteroffers and advise on terms and conditions.
We offer you negotiating strength. We are seasoned full-time agents who understand the contract and how to negotiate both price and advantageous terms. Reviewing and negotiating an offer is complex; our experience, knowledge and transaction volume means we can offer you expert advice. We will review offers with you and advise you on the strengths and weaknesses of each; we will provide estimated net sheets and work diligently with you to ratify the strongest offer. GBT agents are well-known, well respected, and have collegial relationships with area Realtors. We are successful negotiators; we are also honest, fair and ethical in all we do.

Coordinate any post-inspection work and advise on repairs or vendor services.
We help you evaluate and negotiate the home inspection and any other inspections that the buyer performs. Based on our volume of business, we know the pitfalls of negotiating an inspection and we work to reduce both your out-of-pocket expense and your liability. We will assess the report, discuss it with you and respond to the buyers. If repairs are negotiated, we can recommend licensed contractors. We are also able to coordinate any repairs and make sure you have the proper documentation required for settlement.

Coordinate preparation for settlement and complete the transaction.
We have an experienced full-time administrator who will work with your GBT agent to seamlessly coordinate completing contract paperwork, meeting contract deadlines and preparing for settlement. We communicate with the title company to track the buyer’s loan package and ensure closing documents are prepared. We will review the Settlement Statement with you prior to settlement and attend settlement with you.

Serve as an on-going resource.
We are happy to serve as an on-going resource for you. If you are interested in buying in the D.C. Metro area, we can work with you to tailor your new home search. If you choose not to sell now, we can still offer lots of advice. We are able to provide rental scenarios, assist you prepare for a refinance appraisal, weigh home improvement or renovation ideas, or just stay in touch with market updates as the year progresses.