• “I believe Liz Brent was instrumental in getting our house sold quickly. Liz helped us stick to a mutually-agreed upon timeline and was very helpful in providing suggestions to ensure our house looked neat, clean, spacious, and with a minimum of clutter – even with two young children. We received multiple offers in only a few days and accepted one for well over asking price. She knows the Takoma Park/Silver Spring market well, which I think is a crucial quality for a seller’s agent. I highly recommend talking to Liz. We are extremely glad we worked with her.” Preeya Gholkar and Vijay Ejantkar, Takoma Park on Liz Brent
  • “We can’t say enough about Go Brent Team’s Tammy Thomas. She is more than outstanding! We purchased our home as a short sale. If it weren’t for her perseverance and dedication to us, we would’ve walked away from our wonderful home. There was no pressure and she totally understood our needs. She is so very patient, extremely knowledgeable, and a delightful person!”Judith & Matt Jankowski, Kensington on Tammy Thomas
  • “Thanks so much for the excellent service/support. I can’t imagine that things could have turned out any better given all the complexities and contingencies related to our transactions. Cari could not have been more available, responsive, open, honest, helpful, and supportive. I have already recommended her and will continue to do so.” Joe & Lauren Quinn, Rockville on Cari Jordan
  • “I met Debbie at one of her first time homebuyer’s seminar. Debbie helped us submit our bid a home; she was present and supportive for every step of the process, from first viewing, negotiation of price, and inspection to settlement. Debbie offered her professional judgment and experience to advise us and she set up appointments for inspections and attended those inspections on our behalf. Debbie and her team helped us keep to the tight timeline for the communications with seller, financing, and home warranty. I have thought so many times, we were lucky to have her!”Paula Posas, Silver Spring on Debbie Gerald

Client Testimonials

We moved from Chicago & bought a house in Takoma Park with Tammy. In being out-of-state, it required three separate 24-hour trips to the DC area at the drop of a hat. We needed someone trustworthy, honest, and highly skilled in order to ensure that with each trip we weren’t wasting our time, nor the money we poured into the endeavor. Luckily, Tammy proved more than capable of managing us from afar – and became a true ally in weeding through the process. Additionally, she handled two different purchasing opportunities while we were away in Ethiopia in order to ensure that we were properly abreast of both situations. This included utilizing Docusign and Skype, as well as, sending us tons of videos and pictures via email. It was amazing to be halfway around the world and still feel connected to such an important part of our lives back home. The number of things she had to orchestra for us was astounding. In what is always sure to be a stressful and emotionally draining process, Tammy was always there to ensure that we stayed positive & kept our focus on starting our new life out on the right foot. We couldn’t recommend the Go Brent Team more strongly.

Adam and Sarah Gleich
Takoma Park, MD

I agree with all of the positive comments about Liz Brent. I’d add that we were selling a small home and had a 20 month old who was home with a nanny during the day, so I was concerned about the practicality of staging, showings, etc. Liz made the process so easy for us in terms of the preparations, photos, staging, and advice. Our home was truly at its best to sell, and the process was incredibly quick and smooth. We would fully and highly recommend Liz. As my husband said, “I wish all of the people we worked with were as professional as Liz.”

Kate Scholomiti
Kensington, MD

We used Liz and her team to sell our house and to purchase our current home.  Liz is extremely knowledgeable about the market and very professional. Her honesty was quite refreshing and made us less stressed out about the whole process. It was good to know that we were working with an agent who was trustworthy and who looked out for our best interest. She listened to our concerns and was quite patient. Not once did we feel pressure to abide to any terms that where we were not comfortable. It was a very positive experience.
Now I can’t say enough about Go Brent Team’s team buying agent, Tammy Thomas. She is more than outstanding! We purchased our home as a short sale. If it weren’t for her perseverance and dedication to us, we would’ve walked away from our wonderful home. Like Liz, no pressure and totally understood our needs. She is so very patient, extremely knowledgeable, and a very delightful person! 
I can seriously keep typing away about these two fantastic agents!

Judith Jankowski
Kensington, MD

Tammy was highly recommended by our friends and after we interviewed with a couple other real estate agents, we knew Tammy was going to be our buyers agent.  She really listened to what we wanted, reevaluated our house tours as our priorities and preferences changed throughout our search, and never pressured us to make a decision before we were ready.  Most importantly as first time homebuyers, Tammy did a great job educating us on the unique real estate process in the DC region.  Once we were ready to make an offer, she made sure to explain every document we signed so we understood what we were agreeing to – there is A LOT of paperwork and it took hours to complete – but Tammy patiently answered all our questions and never rushed us.  When we were in negotiations with the seller, Tammy was our advocate and did everything she could to make it work.  In the end, Tammy helped find the perfect house for us and we’re enjoying our new home in Kensington.

Ming-Wai & Michael Merschat
Kensington, MD

As first time homebuyers, the process of looking for and purchasing a home was truly overwhelming. Thankfully, Cari Jordan, was there to guide us through it every step of the way.  She offered us practical advice, really listened to what we wanted, and guided us into the perfect home. And as an added bonus, she was fun to work with! We could not have asked for a better realtor.

The Shields Family
Rockville, MD

Thanks to Debbie Gerald for all the work she did with us! Debbie was organized, diligent, and always punctual; kept us on track; and made valuable suggestions for our consideration. Debbie’s connections with others in the real estate community (for example, the other buyer’s agent) were a great asset during our negotiations!  And she really listened when we had concerns and questions, and we very much appreciated that.

Kenli & Gene Kim
Silver Spring, MD

“During the entire process from day one, Liz and the Go Brent Team staff greeted me with a smile; they were professional, friendly, helpful, and every interaction was pleasant. The many things that happened from getting the house ready to sell, staging, photos, and contract went smoothly thanks to Liz and the team. The anxiety of selling your home can be plenty and we’re grateful that Liz was a counter balance to anxiety.”

Kenny Parker & Charles Godue
Silver Spring, MD

It’s hard to believe that I met Debbie Gerald and closed on a house one month and three days later. Debbie found me good options from which to choose and patiently accompanied me through places I wanted to see. Tammy Thomas also gave me good advice on making an offer that was quickly accepted.  I would certainly recommend Debbie, Tammy and Go Brent Team.

The woman who recommended your team was absolutely right: Debbie and Tammy are both very professional and knowledgeable about Silver Spring, but she forgot to say “and very nice too!”

Meredith Griggs
Silver Spring, MD

We would absolutely recommend Cari Jordan to anyone looking to buy a house. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about the market, she walks you through the home buying process with ease, patience and humor. We were first time homebuyers and Cari listened to exactly what we were looking for and helped us find a great home. One of the things we liked best about Cari is that she is not just your real estate agent; she becomes your friend and is so honest with you about everything.  It’s important to trust who you work with and feel like they have your best interest at heart and Cari certainly does. Cari isn’t just trying to sell you just any house; she will work night and day to find you your perfect house. Anyone who works with Cari will not be disappointed! She has become a great friend and someone we will absolutely use again if we move.

Danny and Kerry Sheridan
Silver Spring, MD

We couldn’t have asked for a more able buyer’s representative than Tammy Thomas. Tammy is the ultimate pro in every aspect of the home-buying process: knowing the area, understanding what we’re looking for, framing the expectations, unbelievable responsiveness, negotiations savvy, and that intangible “gut sense.” Her expertise was instantly evident from the get-go, and we are very pleased with the outcome.

Joung and Katie Lee
Silver Spring, MD

I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Liz Brent – she helped us sell our house and she is simply terrific at what she does; from consultation to pricing to staging to negotiation to finalizing the contract and closing. She is truly full service so when you ask about each of those areas involved in a sale, Liz really manages them all well and I sincerely trust her expertise, advice and judgment.

Kelly Kane
Silver Spring, MD

Tammy Thomas assisted us with the purchase of our home in Bethesda in 2013. She is the consummate professional with an eye for the details. We were impressed with her knowledge of the neighborhoods and expertise in navigating the red-hot DC real estate market. We found her to be a great communicator who is adept at all facets of the transaction including contractor coordination, offer submission, and most importantly…negotiation. On the whole were completely satisfied with her service and would recommend her (and do!) to anyone who needs representation in the Silver Spring and Bethesda housing market.

Liz Brent and the Go Brent Team listed our Silver Spring home for sale in the summer of 2013. Liz and her team coordinated contractors for landscaping, paint, exterior touch-ups, staging, floor plans, and high quality photos. The output of their efforts was a first-class listing that resulted in the sale of our home in under one week. Liz’s analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the multiple offers we received helped us choose the right buyer to complete the transaction. It was quick and painless from start to finish. Just what we hoped for as we transitioned to a new home.

Bill & Rebecca Mellema
Bethesda, MD

We were so happy working with Debbie Gerald. She was excellent in every way: very professional, easy to work with, understanding our needs, and her insight and real estate knowledge resulted in our bid being accepted in a fi eld of multiple offers. We will be recommending her without hesitation to friends and family.

Suzanne Esparza
Silver Spring, MD

Cari Jordan was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is smart, honest, knowledgeable, and extremely accessible. Cari knows her territory well and understands what type of neighborhood her clients are looking for. She really listened to what was important to us as homebuyers and parents, and helped us find the perfect home for our family in the ideal neighborhood. We really felt like she was looking out for us as a friend and not just our realtor. Her terrific sense of humor and quick wit also kept us sane during the entire process. We have and will continue to recommend her as an incredible realtor in this area.

Jaime Sheridan
Silver Spring, MD

Our family outgrew our Silver Spring home just as the housing crisis began.  We listed the house unsuccessfully with two other agents.  Finally, we turned to Liz Brent because we needed to get the job done.  Liz told us how to prepare the house, staged it and even let us use her storage unit to get some of our furniture out of the house.  Liz had a wealth of resources including a mover, plumber, painter and electrician that she shared with us to help with the transition.  We received two offers and Liz guided us through picking the best offer and stayed with us all the way through closing.  If you need to sell your house, Liz is the best in the business.

Tammy Thomas helped us buy a home when inventory was at historic lows.  She met with us before we looked at any houses to understand our needs.  She was patient, showing us house after house and never pressured us to buy anything.  Tammy’s experience and guidance was crucial to our successful purchase with a difficult seller.  We absolutely recommend that you rely on Tammy for this very important investment.

Rachel Decter
Chevy Chase, MD